6 Must-Have Items for The Beach

When spending the day at the beach, you gotta pack some must-have items. There are certain essentials that you need to have, so you can relax and enjoy the sun.

Besides the obvious, bathing suits and sunscreen – there are other things that we might forget or not think about bringing with us.

These are 6 must-have items for the beach!


You need a cute pair of sunglass for when you go to the beach. Not just to look cute, but to also protect the eye area. Cute colors like light pink and gold are definitely the go-to beach colors.

sunglasses 3 sunglasses 4sunglasses 2 sunglasses

$: Sun Glasses


When the sun goes down and you want to go for a beach walk, it can get chilly. Make sure you have a cute cardigan that you can cover yourself if you get warm, or it makes it easier to get dressed as well.

beach cardigan beach cardigan 3 beach cardigan 2 beach cardigan$: Beach Cardigan


Forget those straight, square towels. It’s all about these rounded towels. There come in so many different patterns that look super cute and are large enough to where you can share with other people, tan and keep all your items out of the sand!

rounded beach towel 3 rounded beach towel 2 rounded beacha towel

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When the sun shines, you can see the reflection of your lips. You want your lips to be sparkly, glowy and kissable! Pink, nude, and purples are the must-have colors to keep in your beach bag!

lipgloss 4 lipgloss 3 lipgloss 2 ligloss

$: Pink Lipgloss


To keep the sun out of your eyes and from burning your face, a cute sun hat is a must have essential to bring with you to the beach. They give you the right amount of shade and complete and beach outfit. 

sunhat 4 sunhat 3 sunhat 2 sun hats

$: Sun Hat


When you go to the beach, you gotta bring a good book or a magazine to read. It’ll keep you occupied while you’re working on that bronzey glow!