5 Different Ways to Style Straight Leg Jeans

Last updated: October 9, 2021

Inspired by the good ol’ 90s, straight leg jeans have become a staple in everyone’s closet regardless of which generation you come from! We have different shades of denim from dark to light wash, and even different styles like distressed or cropped. Either way, straight leg jeans are just that; they are straight leg. These types of jeans can definitely be difficult to style so it’s important to try on many different outfits to see what works for you.

What type of straight leg jean style should you go for, and how do you style straight leg jeans? Well…We got that covered for you.


This first style is if you are really into thrifting and like that vintage look. Vintage style clothing have become the rage this year and for next year, for a really good reason. Most vintage jeans are unique, stylish and also rare, if you want an authentic vintage style straight leg jean. Pair it with a turtleneck sweater or a bubble sleeve blouse for the ultimate 90s nostalgia outfit vibes. Keep it neat and tidy by tucking in your shirt. This is make the outfit less “bulky” and more put together.

Fashionable Top Pairing

What better way to style your jeans than with a dressy blouse or basic black bodysuit. Dress it up with some jewelry and a pair of heels, and you’ll have the best date night outfit without looking too over the top. This style is also good if you’re working in a professional setting , but let’s you wear jeans for casual Friday. Throw on a cute blazer or jacket and you’ll be office chic.

Grunge Edgy Style

My personal favorite way to style straight leg jeans is to go for that grunge style. That means faux leather jackets or blazer, and some chunky black booties. This will give you an edgy look and goes perfect with some light wash jeans.

Casually Basic

If you’re a basic bitch then basic is probably what you’re going to go for. Keep it simple and casual by throwing on a blouse or dress top for a completed look. A walk outside, going to the mall or even running some errands, this basic outfit style is easy to achieve and looks great too. Straight leg jeans are also more comfortable than skinny jeans so you can wear these for the entire day without them cutting off your circulation.

Baggy Oversized Style

While the weather is getting chillier, that means sweater weather! We already got a whole other article on that which you can check out here. Any ways, having a baggy sweater that is tucked in the front elevates this casual look to something more put together, stylish and super comfortable. A basic colored sweater will go with most light and dark wash straight leg jeans.

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