4 Outfits to Wear & Style With Brown Shoulder Bags

Last updated: November 11, 2021

The trends in 2021/2022 for bags has changed dramatically. You can say goodbye to those old, baggy cross bodies and say hello to small shoulder bags that’ll only fit a few things at best. Brown is a staple color and you cannot go wrong while trying to match it to your outfit. It’s universal and there are so many shares from taupe brown, light brown, chestnut brown and dark brown, so regardless if the style or type of bag you have, any of these brown colors will work.

Brown bags are very trendy nowadays since they are chic and go with almost any outfit. The brown shades also make it a perfect accessory for the upcoming Fall and Winter fashion trends. The best thing is that brown is versatile and depending on the style of bag you have, you can wear it with converse, heels, sneakers, mules and booties.

Shoulder bags are great for a casual day out or a night out. It flatters everyone and it’s easy to carry on your shoulder or carry it normally. These style of bags typically have a short strap and the material is usually a soft faux leather type material, which is durable and will last you a long time. So let’s get into styling these bags.

Faux Leather Everything

This is our favourite outfit style so we’re going with this first. A cute faux leather skirt either brown or black, with a button up blouse will look amazing for an outfit to wear at the office, or a casual day out going to brunch with the girls.

Pair it with a simple pair of mules for a trendier look. For the bag, a small faux leather bag will complement this outfit, especially if you go for a patterned material like snakeskin, which will add some variety. We love a dark chestnut brown color for the bag which is super chic and high fashion.

You can also swap out the skirt for wide leg faux leather pants if that’s more your style, either way this all faux leather style is super trendy.

Cozy Fall Outfit

We’re in the middle of Fall so Fall attire is a must. A large oversized sweater, some knee high booties and a cute hat is the perfect outfit style for Fall. A larger brown bag with a button clasp will work well with this outfit, because if you’re out with kids or running errands, you want to look stylish and have easy access to all your stuff. A light brown bag is more casual and very fitting with this style of outfit.

Night out Dress

For a nice dinner or girls night out you’re probably going to go for a cute dress. We also have a cute bodycon outfits for a night out, which can be paired really nicely with a cute brown shoulder bag. A zipper closer and short strap is all the trend and will complement any style of dress you have. If you want to look really put together, then go for a tighter dress that’s either all white, or dark, such as black, or dark brown.

Don’t forget, wear a pair of cute booties for a completed look!

All White Everything

A complete monochromatic outfit will suit a brown shoulder bag, especially an all white outfit. Either a white dress, or white sweater with some white bottoms. This is a timeless style of outfit and high fashion. Pair it with some gold jewelry, and a simple, plain brown bag.

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