3 Ways to Instantly Make your Outfit Business- Casual Ready for the Office

Last updated: August 23, 2021

With many of us heading back to the office, it means we must start dressing more professionally. It sucks we can’t stay in our PJ’s all day and occasionally put on a clean shirt when going on a zoom meeting…But dressing nice and professional can amp up your mood and make you feel ready for the day – for the most part.

Usually, offices require you to wear business casual attire meaning, you cannot wear crop tops or graphic t-shirts, or jeans. To be honest, you don’t need to break the bank or go all out on an office wardrobe because it only takes a couple of “professional” items to complete a look.

  1. Basic Black / Brown / Grey Blazer

This is probably the most important item you will need in your wardrobe – which makes it to the top of our list. A simple neutral color blazerinstantly adds a level of professionalism that makes your outfit look ready for the big office meeting – to super chic.

Paired with a basic black or white t-shirt that you may already have, with a pair of slacks will make you have the simplest, professionally ready outfit. You can add a little flare by wearing a more flattering/unique blouse as well.

TIP: You can go for the oversized look, which is trending, so pair that with a shorter less baggy top. Or if you have a more fitted blazer, a sweater, or looser blouse will work well.

  • Black Chelsea Booties

Double check with your company’s dress code, but this shouldn’t be a problem. Black Chelsea boots/booties are both comfortable and semi- casual perfect for those long office days.

We recommend going for an all-black pair because black is a staple color that goes with everything and looks better than other colors such as brown or even grey. With these booties you want to wear pants that are skinny, but not longer than wear your ankle starts. You don’t want anything flared to go with these booties because they are already up to your ankle.

TIP: If looking for dress pants to pair with black Chelsea boots, we recommend going for skinny, grey checkered dress pants – both professional and comfortable.

  • Collared Blouse and/or T-shirt

A collared blouse can go a long way especially if your office requires a higher level of professional work attire. This can be a short sleeve, peplum top, or bubble top. This is a must-have staple in your wardrobe because it’s the most basic item that most offices will accept as business-casual attire.

Depending on the style of blouse and color, a formal top will require more formal wear – for example, a longer blouse will go well with a black slacks or high waisted dress pants. A shorter/sleeveless collard shirt will pair well with wide leg pants and a simple blazer with heels or booties.

TIP: Keep the color and style simple: You don’t need to go all out because the more unique the top, the more difficult it can be to style. A block-colored collard top, is more than enough to make your outfit ready for the office.

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