21 Trendy Basic Outfit Ideas To Wear For The Rest of 2018!

Basic outfits are a no-fail scenario. You can have the best outfit with a few essential pieces such as a plain t-shirt, jeans, a tank top – whatever. Basic styles are definitely for those who want to look unique without going all out on an outfit. 

Whether you’re going to school, hanging out, or just going out – these outfits are simple, basic, but super trendy. 

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$: Ripped High Waisted Jeans 

$: White T-shirt 

$: Mom Jeans

$: White Tank Top 

$: Jean Jacket 

$: Jean Skirt 

$: Short Overalls 

$: Black Off The Shoulder Top 

$: Dark Wash Shorts 

$: White Long Sleeve Crop Top 

$: Black Two Piece Outfit 

$: Black Jeans 

$: Green Bomber Jacket 

$: Black Distressed Jeans 

$: Pink Zip Up Hoodie 

$: Knee High Boots 

$: Purple T-shirt 

$: White Converse 

$: Orange Sweater

$: Light Wash Jeans

$: Salmon Sweater

$: Striped Paperbag Pants 

$: Taupe Sweater

$: Black Paperbag Pants 

$: Taupe Sweater

$: Faux Leather Pants

$: Grey Trench Coat 

$: Light Pink Hoodie 

$: Grey Sweater 

$: Levi’s T-shirt 

$: Dark Wash Mom Jeans 

$: Striped Long Sleeve Shirt 

$: Distressed Jeans 

$: Distressed Black Jeans 

$: White T-shirt