21 Fall Outfits to Wear at Brunch

Last updated: October 21, 2022

We all love a brunch date with our girls or partners, because it’s that time of day where you can dress up, have some good food and gossip about the weekend before.

Brunch attire is not usually formal so we’ll be keeping things pretty casual with jeans, sneakers, sweaters and basic outfits.

Without looking like you just got out of bed, you can elevate your outfit for brunch by just adding a few clothing items like a chic jacket, or funky sweater.

Depending on your style, we’ve put together outfits that anyone can wear for brunch. Considering it’s Fall and the weather is changing, we sometimes have to adjust our outfits based on the weather!

Check out these 21 outfits perfect for brunch!

Sherpa Lined Jacket

We all need a jacket in our closet and a sherpa lined jacket will keep you warm, fashionable and chic for when you’re going out to brunch. Paired with some basic pants this makes a basic outfit not so boring. Plus, a sherpa lined jacket is must-have jacket for this Fall and Winter.

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Faux Leather Leggings

These faux leather leggings will never go out of style because they are a staple in anyone’s closet. It can dress up or down any outfit. For brunch, you can keep it simple with a simple blouse, crop top or sweater.

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Short Skirt Set

If you live in a place where it’s not cold like L.A. or Florida, you have the privilege of not being all bundled up. If you’re a material girl, a matching top and skirt combo is feminine and classy especially for a girls brunch!


Sometimes we value comfort over style and athleisure is a no brainer because it’s casual, comfortable and can easily be put together. We love a legging look with an oversized sweater for any occasion!

Leather Jacket

If you can only have one jacket in your closet then make it a faux leather jacket. It’s incredibly chic and edgy. Keep the outfit simple for brunch, but for an edgy look add the leather jacket for a complete look.

Dress Sweater Combo

A Fall fashion trend that is emerging right now is a dress sweater combo. It’s a unique look especially if you’re someone who likes to experiment with their look.


We love a vest look because it’s not something you see for everyday. For a stylish look a vest can add a hint of casualness especially for a brunch date! Paired with some wide leg jeans and a nice turtleneck sweater, these outfits will look fashionable with a cute cropped vest.