15 Outfits to Wear as a Guest at a Wedding

Last updated: August 24, 2021

Many of us during the summer and fall are probably invited to some type of wedding. Big, small, casual, or super fancy, when you are invited as a guest to a wedding there’s some unspoken rules you must follow. 1) Never wear white 2) Don’t wear anything too revealing 3) don’t outshine the bride.

There are many different styles of dress and we have 15 gorgeous inspirational outfits perfect for if you’re a guest at a wedding. From silk, deep v, open slit, floral, and maxi dresses – depending on the wedding vibes, you’ll forsure find a dress perfect for you. These are just some inspirational ideas to get your mind rolling, because you probably have some time before the wedding. Make sure you know exactly what you want!

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