14 Fall Inspired Nail Designs & Colors to Try Out Now

Last updated: September 15, 2021

The weather is getting cooler, leaves are changing colors and that Fall feeling is back. Switching from bright summery colors to more muted, dark tones doesn’t just mean switching your outfits out but your nails as well! There’s nothing sexier than dark toned nail colors and Fall designs. The styles we’re going for aren’t going to be super tacky like pumpkin theme or something, but if that’s your thing, that’s totally cool too.

We love nail design inspo that goes with long claws, shellac or even short natural nails. You’re probably thinking what Fall nail colors should I go for? Dark red, black, purple, and brown tones are the perfect colors and tones for a Fall nails that look chic without looking too tacky. These are easy designs and colors that any nail tech can achieve, and they’re here to give you some new ideas on what you want for your next nail appointment!

Red Nails

Red nails are the staple in any nail design and they fit any seasonal colors. For Fall, you think about the upcoming Holidays such as Christmas and New Years, and what better way than going for a chic color that never goes out of style?

Browns & Beiges & Nudes

The most common Fall colors are different shades of brown including nudes. These colors never go out of style and regardless of whatever design you choose, they’ll look incredible. They are also an appropriate color if you’re younger and are restricted in the different colors/designs of nails you can go for. These nail designs will be really good if you’re looking for nail colors for high schoolers or teenagers.

Dark Black & Blues

If you want to go a little grunge then dark black or blue nails are also an option. Fall means dark, muted colors so these fit the color scheme perfectly. Plus dark nails are very high fashion and chic compared to super bright nails. It’s also super basic if you’re someone who isn’t too much into super bold nails.

Purples, Blues & Greens

These are some miscellaneous colors that are also perfect for Fall because the also go with different trendy Fall inspired outfits. The dark colors fit perfect for this season and with different simple designs you’ll definitely love these nail designs perfect for anyone!

Burgundy Red/Purple

My favourite Fall colors are this deep burgundy/purple/red color that just screams Fall! It’s the most popular color ever and looks incredibly sexy on your nails especially if you get some long claws.

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