12 Cozy Outfits to Wear at The Airport

Last updated: October 8, 2021

It may be a grueling to wake up at 6 am to catch an early flight, but we all know the whole airport vibe of waking up early, running around trying to make sure we don’t lose our passport, or making sure our luggage isn’t over weight. You could be a frequent traveller or it’s just an occasional one, besides all the logistic planning…what do you wear at the airport? Our philosophy is: comfortable, easy, and flexible.

You’re either one of two people; someone who values comfort and someone who values looking trendy. You may be all about the sweatpants and hoodie kind of person, or cute jeans and a blouse type. Don’t forget you have to take into consideration the weather of your destination, and even the airport & airplane temperatures, as those areas can be super cold.

What are the best Airport ready outfits to wear?

We’ll be focusing on comfort rather than looking super fancy. There may be a few items you haven’t considered, which you should definitely check out. Mix it up to see what works for you, and even take into consideration the duration of your flight. 9 hour flight attire can be extremely different than a 1 hour flight. We got options for everyone.

Flats, Sneakers & Slides: Opt for some comfortable shoes incase you have to run around the airport or even if you want your fee to stay warm on the flight. Slides with sneakers is an obvious look where you can easily slip it on and off. Sneakers are super comfortable and can keep your feet warm and make it easy to walk in. Sneakers are also a must-have staple in anyone’s closet if you want to be fashionable, of if you’re into that streetwear style. Finally, if you want to look a little more presentable, a cute pair of flats or mules will also do the trick.

TIP: Simplicity & Easiness: Keep the outfit simple so you can have a hassle free experience and a comfortable one as well!

Colors & Attire: If you want to look sophisticated and put together, go for a monochromatic look, or a matching sweat suit. This is keep you warm and comfortable and considering the oversized look is totally in right now; anyone can pull it off.

  • A long sleeve shirt will do you well, and a light faux leather jacket or a jean jacket overtop will give a casual and easy look to wear throughout your flight and travels. Paired with some flats, you’ll look super cute.
  • Oversized hoodies and some sweats or even leggings will be the staple item in anyone’s closet, especially if you’re on a long haul plane ride. A one piece track suit with some sneakers or slides can be the go-to look you’re looking for.
  • If you want to play it dangerous and wear something like jeans, then stay away from skinny jeans! You do not want something super tight when you’re flying. Go for some mom or boyfriend style jeans that is more baggy and allows you to be more fortable. A cute top with a pull up hoodie will then put the outfit together for a complete look!

Accessories: To put the final touches on your airport ready outfits, opt for a cute hat, or a cross body bag for all your essentials. Throw on a pair of sunglasses in case you look super tired and dried out from the entire travel experience.

Destinations: If you’re on your way to a warm destination, maybe keep it light so you’re not feeling too bulky. Some leggings, slides and light hoodie will suffice for a warm destination. The exact opposite goes for the colder destinations. Keep it cozy and warm with the basic sweat suit outfit with some oversized hoodies and matching sneakers. If it’s super cold, keep a thicker jacket with you just in case!

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