10 Velvet Dresses to Wear for Thanksgiving 2021

Last updated: November 7, 2021

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, we’re getting ready to dress up, spend some time with families, and eat a lot of good food! You may skip out on the family part and have a simple dinner with your partner or even a friendsgiving with some of your closest friends.

Depending on the type of thanksgiving dinner/party you’re going to, you want to look and dress nice, after all, it’s the Holiday season, so you need to find cute outfit for this Holiday season in 2021. A no brainer outfit would be a simple dress. There’s not much to think about, they’re easy to style and can look fancy enough for a nice dinner. There are many different styles and fabrics of dresses to wear, but one that is usually overlooked is velvet.

Velvet material is so nice and looks luxurious and fancy, IF it’s the correct fashion item like a dress. The velvet material usually has a nice sheen to it so it’s perfect for many holiday events, like a work Christmas party or event. Now, you’ll have to pick which style of dress you wanna go for and the velvet color! Don’t think that velvet is only for fanicer events because you can literally wear whatever you want.

Style of Dress

Long Sleeve

If you’re going for a casual more conservative dress style than we recommend a long sleeve velvet dress, with a higher neckline. This will still look elegant, and decent for the Holiday gathering.

Avoid patterns, or different styles like ruching or glitter because that could be over the top. Remember, this is for a nice dinner, not the club! If you want to add a little spice a cute slit either at the bottom of the dress or even on the sleeves will add a little spice and not make the dress boring. Pair it with a cute pair of heels and you’re set!

Maxi Dress Style

If you want a modest style outfit then we recommend a maxi style dress. It’s definitely longer at the bottom and if you got for a long sleeve style then you’ll look great and modest all at the same time. You can add a little touch of your own style with some silver/white jewellery. A simple pair of mules will look amazing with this style of dress.

Wrap Dress

For a slightly fancier dinner event, then a wrapped velvet dress will do the trick for you. You can style this with a pair of black, short heels and some cute gold earnings for a completed look. A wrap dress can also have spaghetti strap style or short sleeve length if you want to show off a little more skin.

Short Dress

Finally, you can opt for a basic short dress. You can keep it casual and chic with a basic velvet dress if you don’t want to look too over the top.

Now, what color should you go for? For the Holiday season there’s only a few acceptable colors that fit the environment such as red, green, blue, dusty pink, brown, and even black. Keep it a darker color and avoid super bright colors. Go for a red or green color for a fancier Thanksgiving dinner, otherwise stick with brown, dark colors for a simple dress that is a stylish outfit for the Fall and Winter season!

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