Upcoming Summer 2021 Modest Outfits for The Beach & Lake

Last updated: April 14, 2021

I can just imagine it now, it’s plus 25 degrees celsius, you and your friends are packing up your beach bags, grabbing your sunscreen and heading to the beach or lake to work on that tan, flirt with the cute guys, and take in some of that ocean water.

The beach and lake call for bathing suits, which is a no brainer. But, what about if you want to be a little modest? Maybe you haven’t shed off that quarantine weight and you’re a little self conscious. You want to have a good time and no one should stop you from doing that, and you should love your body in all its glory.

Still, we’ve compiled a few modest outfits perfect for the beach and/or lake, and no you dont have to wear these to be in the water or sun bathing. Remember, everyone has their own level of what they consider modest!

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