The French Woman’s Aesthetic Wardrobe

Last updated: October 19, 2022

If you admire French women and wish you had their style, we got you covered! A French wardrobe is curated to include timeless pieces and pieces that flatter your silhouette. Something that can help you is to enhance your personal style following and not so much following what everyone else is wearing. Parisian style is equal to chicness, charm and grace. It’s better to invest in few and good-quality pieces to create a long-lasting capsule wardrobe. These chic women have a way to adopt their relaxed attitude to getting dressed effortlessly cool and elegant.

Monochromatic Outfits

One key is to focus on one or maybe two colors that are within the same palette. French style is very minimalistic and classic and you may not go overboard with a colorful outfit. For instance, go for beige, oatmeal tones combined with classic white to achieve a perfect chic morning look. Keep your accessories simple and subtle like mini pearl earrings and gold rings.

Practical Footwear

Most of the time you’ll never see a French girl in sky-high heels, instead, they prefer comfortable shoes, like box-fresh trainers easy to run around, a superblock low heel or a kitten heel, or a great pair of loafers. Other than the sweater you’ll need 3 key pieces to recreate the look: a white button-down shirt, black leather pants, and black studded loafers. For added warmth, throw on an effortless black coat.


Trusty straight-leg jeans

A well-fitted pair of dark washer jeans either are blue or black can be styled down with sneakers or up with a blazer and a nice pair of block heels. It’s seen as a versatile piece of clothing much more than light washed jeans which always look more casual.


From wool plaid coats to classic trench staples French girls invest a heavy amount of cash into great outerwear. It means that your simple jeans, tees and shirts are highlighted from your great piece on top. 

Classic White Shirt

A white crisp tailored shirt is standing for urban, active and elegant when you’re working or just sitting in a cafe. Great for layering, either you can wear it as an oversized shirt dress or keep it simple with jeans or a wool mini skirt. If you choose a good quality shirt made of poplin or silk you will definitely not regret it as will be your go-to piece!

A no-fuss Blazer

An elegant blazer in France is not overdressed, it’s just right. And if it’s a bit silky shiny or oversized ‘dad’ blazer then it’s even better! No self-respecting French girl would consider their wardrobe complete without a blazer in all possible colors!

A grown-up silk scarf

There is a beautiful use of accessories with French fashion. You can play around with great earrings and jewelry but one piece really Frenchy is a silk satin scarf. It’s a classic Parisianstaple that goes even the most basic outfit to the next level. 

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