Outfits with Plaid Skirts & How to Wear Them

Last updated: October 7, 2021

Since the 60’s paid skirts have been making their way through the rotating fashion world. But recently they’ve been making a come back but in a more versatile way which includes pastels, bright colors, grunge styles, mini skirts, and even midi skirts. With many different paid skirts and outfits, you can wear this all year round and go to many different events.

How to wear Outfits with Plaid Skirts you may ask?

Fall & Winter Vibes

With the weather turning to Fall and Winter vibes, that means it’s bound to get chillier and therefore if you want to rock the plaid skirt outfit, you’ll need to adjust your style to Fall and Winter style outfits. Opt for longer skirts with thicker material such as wool. For the Winter and Fall time, colors you may want to go for will include red, brown, range, nude, and all white tones. If you opt for a midi or long plaid skirt you can wear a basic turtleneck bodysuit for a warm and comfortable look. This look is perfect if you’re having a little photoshoot with your friends or heading into town to a cute coffee shop date.

How to Wear Plaid Skirts for the Office

For a professional look, you should go for a monochromatic matching plaid outfit. This is inspired by high fashion designer Chanel, and if perfect if you work in a very professional type of work environment like a law firm. If you want to keep it a little toned down and classy, a black plaid pencil skirt with a button down blouse will transform your outfit in an effortless and smart look.

How to Wear Plaid Skirts for a Night on the Town!

For a night on the town a mini skirt is your best friend. Pair it with some black leggings or tights with some platform booties and you can either turn the outfit into a grunge style outfit or a sultry, party ready look. If you want to look a little sexier then opt for some strappy heels and forgo the tights.

House Party Chic Plaid Skirt

Plaid skirts can definitely be dressed up if you’re set out to go to a party. Plaid skirts provide the perfect balance of cute and sophisticated all at once. This may not go well for a fancy party; but definitely if you’re trying to choose an outfit for a house party. Paired with some knee high stockings and a cropped sweater, you’ll also be rocking that Rachel Green inspired outfit.

Grunge & Punk Style Outfits

If you look back into some early 2000s styles you’ll know that the punk and grunge scene totally rocked the plaid skirt trend. It could create an edgy look that not many can pull off. Some black booties, a band tee, and some chains/accessories will elevate this look for a unique and trendy outfit. Red and black will be the color scheme to stick with if you want to achieve that grunge style outfits.

90s Inspired Fashion

We all know the show Friends and the iconic Rachel Green and her fabulous outfits, we also know Cher from the hit movie Clueless who rocked that yellow two piece. It’s no joke that the plaid skirt trend has made its way back from the last 90s into the 2000’s. Keep it looking unique and fashionable by rocking this style. Not many people can pull it off which means you’ll stand out (in a good way!).

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