Outfits For When You Have Nothing To Wear

Last updated: September 30, 2022

We all know the feeling when your friends text you to hangout or you have to run out to do errands and you have nothing to wear. There are a few foolproof outfits that you can put together quickly when you have nothing else to wear.

Wanting to look put together and not a slob is a goal i’m sure most of us have, especially when you’re out of clean clothes, running late or just don’t have anything for the occasion.

We’ve got a few outfit items that are simple to achieve that will make it easier to put together an outfit for whatever you have going on.

Hoodies + Biker Shorts

For running errands like grocery shopping, grabbing coffee or just going for a walk, a basic biker short and hoodie should be a staple item in your closet. when you have nothing else to wear, go back to basics and what makes you comfortable. Hoodies and shorts are the ultimate comfortable yet casual outfit to wear.


While stickin to the comfort motif athleisure is a go to for everyone because it’s easy to achieve and even if you have nothing in your closet, you should have a pair of leggins and a sweater. Kick it up a notch with a cute bag and some accessories to make you look put together.

Maxi Dresses

Late invite to dinner? A maxi dress is the perfect outfit to wear when you have nothing else because it’s so simple, it’s one item that you throw on. It’s perfect for more formal / last minute events when you are scrambling to find something chic and sexy to wear.

Oversized Blazer

Add a bit of sophistication to your outfit with an oversized blazer. You can make any casual outfit chic just by throwing on a blazer. You’ll look fashionable without much effort.


We like to keep it simple ladies! Jumpsuits are that one item in your closet that you can throw on and wear for so many different occasions if you have nothing else to wear. Formal or even casual events, you can still rock a basic jumpsuit.