How To Style Knit Sweaters | Sweater Outfits

Last updated: September 28, 2022

Sweater weather is here and it’s time to bring out those cozy knitted sweaters. Sweaters can be easy to style because they go with anything including skirts, pants, and jeans.

You may be thinking how the heck am I going to style a knit sweater? The first thing is to actually see which style of knit sweater you actually like. There are a few that we love which include, sweater vests, oversized, cropped, and even maxi.

Once you pick the type of knit sweater you like you can go and style it!

Sweater Vests

Vests are a way to elevate your style for a more classy look especially if you’re a corporate girly and looking for professional outfits for the workplace. Pair your sweater with a white blouse because that way whatever color vest you choose, it’ll go well with the white!

Cropped Knitted Sweater

Keep it a little spicy with a cropped number. While we’re still in the early stages of Fall, it’s nice enough to wear a crop sweater. This is a casual style that you should wear with jeans or sweats.

Oversized Knitted Sweaters

We all love that oversized look with matching sweats, but don’t forget you can get knitted sweaters that are oversized to create a unique look. A timeless style with a cute designer crossbody will complement the look.

Faux Leather Pants

Combine two trends into one because faux leather pants are the staple item to have in your closet this Fall, followed by a knitted sweater. It’ll keep you warm and fashionable at the same time.

Sweater Maxi Dress

For a girlier and sophisticated look a maxi knitted dress will do the trick especially if you are low maintenance and want something to throw on. Throw your hair in a bun or a pony tail for a messy yet chic look.