15 Cute Cowgirl Outfits For Any Occasion

Last updated: October 11, 2022

No matter what occasion you need a costume for, whether it’s Halloween, a themed party, or just an Instagram photoshoot, dressing up as a cowgirl is always a safe bet.

You can choose to be as simple or over-the-top as you want, and the opportunities are almost endless. Here are some fun ideas for cowgirl outfits.

Cowgirl Outfit Ideas

Here are 15 amazing cowgirl outfits you can take inspiration from. They’ll fit for any occasion, whether you’re going to a country concert or a festival.

How To Pull Off The Cowgirl Look

  • All denim

This take on a cowgirl outfit is definitely a classic, and you probably already have most of these items in your closet. All you really need are a pair of trusty blue jeans and a blue denim jacket.

It’s up to you if you want the pants and jacket to match, or if one is a lighter wash than the other. Both combinations work. After you find both of these items, all you need is a simple tank or tee underneath, and you’re good to go.

  • Leather and suede

Here’s where you can kick it up a notch. A pair of brown leather pants will give your outfit that rustic, Wild West vibe, and once you find a cool suede jacket, you’ll look like you belong in a saloon.

While any pair of brown leather pants and suede jacket will work, if you really want to make this outfit shine, hunt down vintage pieces instead of buying new. Any basic, neutral top can be worn underneath the jacket.

  • Southern belle

Another direction you could take your cowgirl outfit is Southern belle. Instead of jeans or leather pants, you could opt for a ruffled skirt or shorts, especially in lighter colors.

Add a fun denim or suede jacket from the previous outfits and now you have a more girly version of a cowgirl.

  • Tassels

The next outfit option is finding pieces with plenty of tassels on them. This gives a more classic cowgirl vibe, and you can find bulky jackets or even some pants with plenty of tassels galore.

Or, you could even take it a step further and get chaps, which look like pants but don’t quite cover everything (so make sure you have a pair of shorts or a bodysuit underneath).

  • Space cowgirl

The space cowgirl look has been done a million times over, but that’s the beauty of this outfit: it never gets old. All you need is a glitzy skirt, a neon crop top, and a bright pink sparkly cowgirl hat and you’re ready to go.

  • Accessories

Finally, don’t forget that accessories can go a long way, especially in the cowgirl department. You can spice up any simple outfit with a funky belt, a cowboy hat, leather cowboy boots, or a handkerchief.