21 Cozy Coffee Shop Outfits To Look Your Best

Last updated: October 13, 2022

I love coffee shops, you can decide to dress really business like and classy or you can put on a giant comfy hoodie and some sweats. Anything goes at the coffee shop because you’re there to get some work done, chat with a friend, read a book, etc.

Your coffee shop outfit should match your intention. If you’re relaxing with a London Fog, reading a good book and people watching, opt for a really cozy outfit with a giant sweatshirt or a fall sweater. If you’re meeting a colleague or friend for lunch and some coffee, maybe put on a blazer and some jeans.

Whatever you decide, these 21 coffee shop outfits will give you inspiration.

Cozy Coffee Shop Outfits

I hope you enjoy these 21 outfits we’ve put together for you. Take inspiration from them and make your own outfit for your coffee shop visits!