Sister Golden Personalized Bridesmaid Packages

Sister Golden Bridesmaid Packages 2_smaller

This took me WAY too long to post, but I wanted to take a few minutes to share the gorgeous bridesmaid ask packages I collaborated on with Brooke of Sister Golden. I virtually met Brooke through one of my closest college friends (who also happens to be one of my bridesmaids), and even though we’ve never actually met face to face, we are definitely two peas in a pod.

So when I saw that Brooke was putting together charming gift packages focused around themes like housewarming and Mother’s Day, I knew I had to get in touch. I mailed hand-written notes to Brooke and she took the time to individually wrap each package with adorable themed paper & stamping, and then she mailed these GORGEOUS packages out on the same day, with the goal of coordinating their arrival so each girl received hers on the same day — it wasn’t perfectly precise, but it was still pretty close.

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DIY Holiday | Handmade Holiday Cards


This is the first year that I’ve sent more than the usual harried five or six holiday cards. And somewhere along the line, I got it into my head that I wanted to make them myself. An unnecessarily meandering trip to Michaels later (ok, make that two trips to Michaels), and I was armed and ready. Now, I don’t expect you to go all in on DIY holiday cards necessarily, but I AM here to tell you that they were really easy to create, cheaper than the $15 for a four-pack options I was finding at my favorite card haunts, and they were actually a lot of fun — probably because there was glitter involved.

So if you’re feeling inspired to follow suit, here’s what you’ll need:

1 set ABCs stamps
1 gold ink stamp pad
1 bottle fine gold glitter
1 bottle gold acrylic paint
various paintbrushes
1-2 packs blank cards + envelopes
1 roll pretty crafting tape
1 black Sharpee
1 black metallic gel pen

For these cards, I simply stamped out the messages in gold, and then used a flat paintbrush to create abstract strokes of gold paint along the bottoms or edges. Immediately after applying the paint, I sprinkled gold glitter over it and carefully tapped the excess onto a disposable plate. Allow the cards to dry for an hour (or overnight) just as a precaution, and then you’re ready to personalize.

Note: I originally purchased brown paper cards + envelopes, but found that the gold was too similar to the brown in color. I ultimately wound up using off-white cards, black metallic gel pen for messages, brown envelopes, and a black Sharpee for addressing.

Finish with a stamp and seal with crafting tape, and you’re ready to mail!


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Coffee Table | Bedside Table: October Reading List

Coffee Table Bedside Table_October

Two months in a row! I’ve been on more of a reading kick these days what with my new commute, so here’s hoping I can get back into a groove with these posts. Plus, the colder months just sort of welcome extra reading. Light a few candles, grab a comfy throw, pour a glass of wine. Ok, let’s do this.

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Art Meets Apartment | Neo-Impressionism + A Dreamy Bedroom

Art Meets Apartment Neo Impressionism

Six months later and I finally get back around to another Art Meets Apartment post. The timing couldn’t be more perfect though — I’m finally getting into the fun part of being in a new (larger) apartment — the details. I’ve actually already added this amazingly soft organic cotton duvet cover and a pair of these sleek geometric lamps to my bedroom, and I’m thinking these polka dot sheets need to play back up to the other set I ordered to match the duvet. Now to get into the nitty-gritty though.

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Coffee Table | Bedside Table: September Reading List

Coffee Table Bedside Table_September Alright, alright, alright — one of these days I’m going to actually get back into a regular monthly book list, but hey, you’ve gotta give me credit for only missing one month this time around! I’ll be putting in some quality reading time on my new commute, so I’m expecting these posts’ll be a little easier moving forward.

I’d love to know what you’re reading, too. I’ve been reading one of John Grisham’s newest novels, because EASY, but I’m going to need something fresh pretty soon!
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Gray Malin | Barcelona Collection

Gray Malin Barcelona Prints

Gray Malin‘s photos seem to be popping up absolutely everywhere over the past few months, mostly as a result of the blog world obsessing over them. And that’s not to say that I don’t truly love what he’s doing with all of his previous collections — but when Malin debuted the Barcelona collection a few weeks ago, I couldn’t help but become obsessed.

For any of you whose ears I haven’t already talked off about it, I’ll recap: I had the wonderful opportunity to study abroad in Barcelona my junior year of college, and suffice it to say I fell head-over-heals for the city (it was actually also where I first started trying out the whole blogging thing — let’s not cringe too much at this template). I had never been to Europe before that trip, and I visited as many other European cities as I could afford while I was there, but I always felt so completely at home when I got back from each weekend visit and got to settle back into my charming Barcelona apartment.

I’m sure you know people who just won’t shut up about their abroad experiences, and I’m sorry if I’m one of them. But I am one of them. So actually… I’m not that sorry.

I fell in love with this sometimes charming, sometimes riotous, always exhilarating city, and I would definitely save up to have the chance to frame one of Gray Malin’s Barcelona prints on my wall.

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Coffee Table | Bedside Table: July Reading List

Coffee Table Bedside Table_July
It’s been a few months since my last Coffee Table | Bedside Table feature, but I’ve finally been carving out a little more reading time lately and I couldn’t resist sharing a few reads at the top of my list!

I’d love to know what you’re reading though. I’ve seen some great recommendations from Ashlyn and Mandy so far, but I’m always looking for new ones. Give me your best!

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What Dress Code? on Pinterest | Whimsy

Whimsy Pinterest Board 17

Today’s post was originally going to be a whole elaborate production featuring some of my favorite mid-summer sale finds — you know, for blowing this free cash on — but then I got caught up with your usual Tuesday night things. Like catching up on 24 and falling down the Pinterest rabbit hole, you know.

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Art Meets Apartment | Black & White + American Cool

Screen Shot 2014-03-12 at 6.27.48 PM

It’s been wayyy too long since the last time I put together one of my Art Meets Apartment posts, but there are just too many great exhibits on show right now for me to keep slacking. If you don’t remember this series, here’s the sitch: I’ve put together some of my favorite portraits from the National Portrait Gallery’s “American Cool” exhibit (on show through September), and paired them up with a few of my top décor picks recently.

With portraits of everyone from Elvis to Jay-Z to Johnny Depp, “American Cool” is a truly impressive exhibit. And for all of you non-art enthusiasts out there, this is one that everyone can actually obsess over (who doesn’t love photography?). I’ve been having a moment with crisp blacks and whites — lots of neutrals — lately, so this was exhibit was the perfect inspiration!

Are there any art shows you’re particularly excited to see (here in DC or elsewhere!) — any recommendations for exhibits I should feature next?

Art Meets Apartment_American Cool

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{Image Credits: Steve McQueen by William Claxton, 1962 | Deborah Harry by Robert Mapplethorpe, 1978 | Audrey Hepburn by Philippe Halsman, 1955 | Miles Davis by Aram Avakian, 1955 | Lauren Bacall by Alfred Eisenstaedt, 1949 | Marlon Brando by Philippe Halsman, 1950}

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Happy Friday! / Loving Lately, Volume 3

Loving Lately 2
{Vintage Loafers Scooped Up at District Flea Last Weekend | Amaretto Apple Crisp with Toasted Almonds from How Sweet It Is | Autumn-Inspired Floral Arrangements from Cupcakes and Cashmere | Día de los Muertos Party from Julip Made}

Happy almost weekend! I’m back with a little Friday link love, including the above pics:

The fantastic District Flea that I attended last week (going on for another few weeks BTW, and definitely worth checking out if you haven’t already); a drool-worthy apple dessert that’s first on my list after a planned apple-picking trip this weekend; an unexpected combination of blossoms that Emily put together for the perfect autumn arrangement; and the most fantastic party inspiration from Julie. For a few more of my favorites from this week, keep reading…

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