Best Manicure Ideas for Short & Medium Length Nails + Inspo Photos

Last updated: October 16, 2021

There once was a time when everyone and their mother’s were getting those long claws with the gel manicures with a smooth glossy finish. Trends are changing and short to medium length manicures are what’s in right now. Nothing beats going to the nail salon and treating yourself to a little manicure.

If you have a hands on job and do a lot of things during the day, or you just don’t like long nails, then these short manicures will be ideal for you. They’re easy to maintain and you don’t have to worry about any of them breaking or popping off! Besides the length, we’re moving on from bright nail colors and going for pastels, neurals and nude color nails with simple designs.

What type of manicure should you get? Well, there’s a few options: You can either go for regular polish and maintain your natural nails – this is great if you’re someone who likes to change your nail color all the time and maybe on a budget.

Next there’s gel and acrylic manicures; both popular but acrylic is more cost effective. Acrylic and gel will ensure that your manicure doesn’t chip or break which can be great if you work a lot with your hands. You typically get acrylic nails when you’re adding on ‘tips’ to make your nails longer. With a nice top coat your nails will be shiny and glosses all day long.

Finally there’s shellac. This is another option perfect for a short to medium length manicure that can be used for both your natural nails and if you’re adding on tips! Either way, you do have many options on what type of manicure you’d want to get.

Colors & Shape

There are many popular nail shapes to choose from but the two most popular are regular square shape and oval. Oval shaped nails are more elegant and chic, whereas square can be more dramatic. Otherwise, we think anyone can rock both types of shapes! Square shaped nails look good with a solid color or even french tip, while oval shaped nails are great with swivel designs as well as french tips.

The colors to choose from are endless obviously but nude, brown, french tip, and pastels are what’s trending right now and there are many different variations so you can change it up every month. So basically to get your creative mind running we have some amazing nail inspo for you too try out now.

Finally, maintain your manicure; which means taking care of your hands. Using hand lotion, cuticle oil, and cleaning your hands/fingers.

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