3 Ways to Style Oversized T-Shirts

Last updated: August 28, 2021

The ultimate lazy-day, casual clothing item you will ever need in your closet is an oversized t-shirt. We used to steal our dad’s or boyfriends t-shirts because they were oversized and super comfortable. Nowadays, the oversized look has become a fashion trend especially for those who want to minimize their wardrobe, go for a basic outfit, or just have a staple item that goes with many different outfit types.

T-shirt Options

There are many different ways to style oversized t-shirts, but we picked 3 of the most versatile, stylish and easy styles so that anyone can achieve the looks. To make it even easier, we linked below some of our fav t-shirts that you can get straight from amazon.

Vintage T-Shirt & Sneakers

Keep it casual with a vintage t-shirt and some plain sneakers. This is one of the most popular fashion trends happening in 2021 right now and it’s very easy to achieve! If you’re having a little photoshoot with your friends, heading to the mall or chilling around; a vintage t-shirt is in style and you need a pair. Plain white sneakers compliment the t-shirts very well because it’s simple and the focus remains on the t-shirt.

Graphic Tee

I love a graphic tee because there are many different cool styles to choose from. From vintage band tees to large graphic logos – the options are endless! You’ll forsure find a look that speaks to you. By adding baggy bottoms or mom style jeans to your top; you can create a ‘streetwear style’ look which is totally trending right now.

Oversized Streetwear Tee’s

Take it up a notch by even going more oversized to achieve that streetwear style that is trending right now. You may need to shop in the men’s section for this one. You see it all over social media of celebs with these massive oversized t-shirts that are baggy, but look fashionable and trendy. Pair it with an oversized jacket or biker shorts and you have an entire look ready.

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