My Top 20 Early Spring Essentials from Shopbop (SALE!)

Between the freezing, wear-all-the-layers weather and the accidental blog hiatus (part lack-of-sunshine induced, part way-too-busy induced), I’ve actually had a relatively purchase-free winter. And that’s totally not a bad thing — my bank account needed a little rest after all of the holiday shopping I did for friends and family.

BUT now that spring is on its way (though you’d never know it from the weather forecast these next few days), I’m starting to itch for some fresh finds. I’m getting seriously anxious for layered knits, and silky blouses, and comfy slip-on kicks. Now if Mother Nature could just hurry it up already…

To get you even more in the mood for a little spring shopping, I wanted to share my favorites from the AMAZING sale Shopbop is having right now. Shopbop sales are few and far between, so when they do roll around, I make absolutely sure to take advantage (hello, all of the neutrals).

So what can you expect? From today through Sunday, just use code BIGEVENT15 (it even includes sale items!):

– You save 15% when you spend $250+

– You save $20% when you spend $500+

– You save 25% when you spend $1000+ 

Now someone just needs to make sure I don’t buy every single thing on my wishlist — this long of a shopping hiatus and anything could happen!

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  1. I like the sea-foam clutch, very nice Pantone color choice 😉


  2. Hey i just wanted to say that i think this post is great, and it helped me a lot!

  3. That are very beautifull. Nice color and design for all occasions.

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