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I’m not sure what it is, but there’s something I kind of love about getting to wear a really pretty bra under an oversized sweater. No one knows, but you get to feel extra girly all day while you go about your over-bundled business of running errands and last-minute holiday gift buying. My new favorite for this ultimate pair-up? ThirdLove.

I’ve just never been someone to favor sexy or spunky over comfortable — but this beautifully crafted line manages to maintain a hint of sultriness while still being amazingly comfy. Seriously, remember how I was talking about the oversized sweater? Yeah, the whole sexy bra + comfy sweater thing is COMPLETELY ruined if said bra isn’t actually comfortable.

Don’t worry though, ThirdLove manages to pull off both. AND I get to keep wearing this fantastically fuzzy ASOS sweater that people always try to read until I have to tell them it doesn’t actually spell anything. Seriously, it doesn’t. I’ve tried.


Another favorite way to pair dressy + casual: SEQUINED SWEATPANTS. I snapped these up from Free People earlier in the season, and even though I originally coveted them thinking they would be such a fun New Years look, I can officially tell you that I’ve worn these on a number of non-special-occasion occasions (much to my boyfriend’s dismay). I love them. They’re sweatpants on the inside and party pants on the outside.

And since this post truly is just a roundup of a few of my recent obsessions, I have to touch on the other key player in my current New Years getup: these metallic GOLD Keds. Even before my commute was as strenuous as it is now, I was already developing a big thing for comfy loafer-y kicks. I’ve quickly amassing a collection that rivals my booties obsession, and these gold Keds are at the top of my list for all the holiday festivities on the horizon.

Last but not least (this one’s probably old news): It’s truly officially scarf season now. There, I said it. And now I’ll proceed to wear one of my huge scarf collection every day ‘till at least March. Especially if they’re oversized and/or faux fur. Because those are two of the most important things.

{Disclosure: ThirdLove provided me with a complimentary bra and undies set, but all opinions are, per usual, my own. Thanks for supporting the brands that make What Dress Code? what it is!}

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