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It’s been a while since I did one of these posts, but in my effort to dive back into (semi) regular posting, I’m going to give it a shot. Here are a few things that caught my eye this week!

– I always love discovering an Instagrammer who has taken a highly specific subject and created a gorgeous version of it. Chalkboard is featuring View From the Topp’s feed this week, and these are not your average #fromwhereistand images — and I love them for it.

– Sure, it’s easy to snatch up whatever looks beautiful at the farmers’ market, but here are a few ways to figure out what’s in season when you’re actually in the grocery store (it’s a whole lot harder when you have everything to choose from, isn’t it?)

– Ugh, thoughts of holiday blogging have been running through my head the past few days, so Julie’s post was so PERFECTLY timed. Note to self: don’t be the procrastinator that we all know you are.

– This will be the first year that Eric will be joining my family for Thanksgiving, and it’s been an entertaining (if not always synced up) discussion of our respective Turkey Day traditions. Which is why I loved this post from Erin so much. What are your Thanksgiving day traditions?

– The giving time of year has me thinking about how I might be able to celebrate the community I’ve built here. And this step-by-step from The B Bar gals might be the perfect way to curate something extra special and extra me.

– Leave it to Sarah to curate the most gorgeous holiday table spread. Now to go order everything West Elm has ever made.

– It’s that time of year! Nordstrom sale, baby! I’ll take this vest, these jeans, this jacket, and these boots. Please and thank you. And I might even wear them all together!

{Nordstrom Sale, Baby}

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