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Happy July! You might remember the little challenge I have going with myself, and now that I’m past six months in, I thought it was about time for another check in! I’ve admittedly been a little mediocre at hitting the goals I set out for myself, but I still think it has been a wonderful opportunity for reflection — and I can even say that I’m not doing as bad as I thought I was when I went back to three months ago and compared notes.

So here we go!

1. Visit a city I’ve never been to before.
Yes! I visited Philadelphia for the first time (crazy, I know) — I didn’t get to spend too much quality time with all the food though, so I’m already planning a visit back. Oh, and I also went to the Outer Banks for the first time — definitely going back there!

2. Be more intentional about necessities.
Have been a lot better about this one, but with summer’s arrival, I could definitely do with more improvement — this girl needs a pedicure.

3. Live in the same city as my boyfriend.
Still no. But hopefully very, very soon! (He’s now officially a dentist so it’s just a matter of finding a job that puts us in the same city.)

4. Get that extra hour’s sleep.
I’ve been doing a little better on this one. Going to bed even at 11:30 rather than midnight makes a big difference for me.

5. Figure out a workout plan and stick to it.
I’m actually getting pretty good on this one. Ran a 10k a few months back and have been running pretty regularly. I also got a yoga mat, so who knows, there might even be some Pilates action around here soon.

6. Send snail mail at least once a month.
Hmm, maybe I need to buy some more pretty cards to motivate myself.

7. Read at least one book a month.
Yep! Have been reading The Geography of Bliss, which is extremely fascinating — and also just started The Goldfinch.

8. Have a piece of my writing published in the Huffington Post.
Not yet.

9. Be more intentional about guest post pitching and brand outreach.
Still have some big goals that are in standstill-mode, but definitely making some progress — the day job keeps me pretty busy, and you’ve probably noticed the frequency of my posting dropping off a bit. Going to work on this.

10. Invest in a piece of art — like one that costs more than $20.
Not yet.

11. Edit my closet.
Yes! I did a Current Boutique trip, dropped some stuff off at Goodwill, and have actually been really thrilled with how little I’ve missed things. I may even do a second run-through.

12. Make impromptu weekend plans that have no set schedule.
Not exactly. But we did go to the Temecula wine country region while we were in San Diego, which was pretty impromptu.

13. Eat at The Inn at Little Washington.
Not yet.

14. Throw a party that warrants sending out invitations.

15. Perfect and memorize a few classic cocktails.
Not yet.

16. Make macarons, meringues, bagels, croissants, and pasta from scratch — buy a Kitchenaid mixer for that matter.
I’ve had a couple of really successful run-ins with my KitchenAid now — this one in particular was AMAZING.

17. Buy a pair of Frye boots and a signature bag.
Not yet.

18. Pop a bottle of champagne just because.

19. Get a bike.
Not yet.

20. Get a facial… and a massage.
Not yet.

21. Get a pet.
Not yet.

22. Read a novel (or two) in Spanish.
Not yet.

23. Watch at least ten old films that I’ve never seen.
Plugging away pretty regularly on these.

24. Take a Skillshare class.
Not yet.

25. Buy an investment piece like a couch or coffee table.
Not yet.

26. Go vegan for a week (or more).
Not intentionally, but it definitely happens for partial or whole weeks. Would like to take a month to be intentional about it though.

So that brings me in at close to 12 — much better than three months ago! But still not even halfway, so there’s lots of work to do. Have you guys made these sorts of lists for yourself? 101 Things in 1001 Days lists have been circulating and I find many of them so inspirational. I’m someone who can’t handle that dense a list though, so these 26 will do just fine for me for now. Thanks for joining me on the journey!

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  1. Get. Those. Fryes. They changed my life! I’m sure you can get them at 17892798 other places, but I use my 20% off birthday coupon from South Moon to get them!

    • lizmcavoy says:

      Ahhh I totally need to do it! I think they’d be the perfect addition in time for fall, maybe snap up a summer sale price or something!

  2. Thanks for the inspiration! I’d say you are making great progress!
    I’m going to begin my list today!

  3. you might as well postpone all other goals until you finish the goldfinch. that book will suck you in! so so good. :)

  4. I’m currently in the process of fine-tuning my 101 list… except it’s pretty difficult to come up with that many things! Shooo..

    • lizmcavoy says:

      hence why I narrowed it to a much smaller list — too many things mean I won’t end up actually doing any of them!


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