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Sunday Best 4

Denim’s about as dressy as I get on your average Sunday — actually if we’re being realistic, PJs or leggings are the more realistic pick. But I figured I could streamline the look just a bit with an overdose of denim and some extra-cozy layers!

How was your weekend? I braved the icky weather yesterday to go see 12 Years a Slave with friends… It was a very, very hard movie to watch, but I truly can’t recommend it enough. Have you guys started getting excited for award season yet? A friend of mine hosts an Oscars party every year, and we were discussing last week how we often haven’t seen more than a handful of the nominees. This year I’m determined to take a heftier chunk out of that list than I have in the past — are you going to do the same? I think Philomena might be next on my list!

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  1. You look so cozy…I’m loving that oversized chunky sweater!

  2. Love that scarf!

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