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Black Navy and Burgundy 2

When I walked into work in this ensemble, one of my coworkers quickly commented that I looked like one of the cast members of American Horror Story: Coven… I don’t actually watch the show, but you’ll have to let me know if you agree haha

I very luckily was able to score today and tomorrow off of work as we’re gearing up for New Year’s Eve, but I just wanted to pop in and share a few quick pics!

I hope you all have the most festive of NYE plans — I’m headed back from visiting the bf’s family in Jersey and we’re throwing a little house party at his place in Richmond, which should be a blast.

I’ve been thinking of throwing together a festive champagne cocktail of some sort and would love any ideas you guys might have — I’m pretty sure our crowd would be equally happy with simply champs, but if you guys have any suggestions for a simple option, I’d love to hear them!

Black Navy and Burgundy 8Black Navy and Burgundy 7Black Navy and Burgundy 6Black Navy and Burgundy 9Black Navy and Burgundy 5Black Navy and Burgundy 4

{Photos by the talented Laura Fruchterman}Black Navy and Burgundy 3

Black Navy and Burgundy 2
{Obey Jacket (Similar from Nasty Gal) | South Moon Under Corduroy Pants (Similar from Free People) | ASOS Peplum Top (Similar) | H&M Faux Fur Collar (Similar from ASOS) | Report Flats (Similar from J.Crew Factory) | Anthom Hat  (Sold Out, Similar from ASOS) | Vintage Sunglasses | Gigi Elle Crossbody Bag | Artisan-Made Bracelet, gift for my birthday}

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  1. I’ve only watched through the second season so I can’t tell you if you match, but you definitely look like you mean business with this look. And by business, I mean some amazing, stylish fashion business!

  2. I have no idea what that means about the American Horror Story look because I haven’t ever seen it, but I do love this outfit! The fur and the leather jacket are fab. And I love those pants!


  3. I’ve never seen the show but I’m obsessed with that fur collar! The color is stunning and it looks so luxe! Happy new year xoxo!

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