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I’ll keep things short and sweet today, but I just wanted to pop in to share a few things I’ve been perusing this week! I hope you have a lovely weekend — mine has the first ugly sweater party of the season on the agenda, and I’ll be shooting a holiday card for some friends where there may or may not be a puppy in a puffy vest. Cross your fingers the weather holds up, because this needs to happen.

– I’m still getting settled into my studio apartment, and these gorgeous small-scale digs are the perfect inspiration as I continue evolving the space.

– Have you guys heard of Cookie Chips? HannahMax Baking sent me a whole slew of these amazingly tasty, crispy cookies to try last week and I can’t wait to share the recipe I developed with the double chocolate ones. In the meantime, start ordering. You won’t regret it.

– I was thrilled to be featured in Refinery29’s roundup of local petite gals this week — take a look!

– A truly irreplaceable soul was lost this week — but his legacy is so amazingly inspiring.

– I don’t really have any set dressed-up holiday party plans this year, but I still find myself perusing Rent the Runway like a fiend — I might even have to go PRO.

Happy weekend!

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  1. Have you actually done Rent the Runway before? I am thinking of it for my company holiday party but I’m nervous!

    • lizmcavoy says:

      it’s super seamless, i’d recommend it :) i’d say just make sure to look at the reviews because that gives you an idea for the dress’s actual fit on different body types :)

  2. Great feature, love the sweater!

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