15 Casual Outfits with Denim Jackets

Last updated: January 2, 2023

Denim jackets might go with everything, but that doesn’t mean they are easy to style. With hundreds of different types of different denim jackets, it can easily get overwhelming trying to figure out the perfect outfit, and if you’ve never worked with denim jackets before, you can easily feel lost.

A casual outfit is a great way to start. It’s something you can wear around town while doing chores, or out after work to get some drinks. Casual outfits have a bit of style and a lot of comfort so you can look and feel great.

Below, we’ve included great outfits. If you are unsure of your own style, copy some of the ones below until you feel confident. Or you can use these for inspiration and adapt them to fit your own style.

Let’s get the inspiration rolling.

1.   Dark Blue Denim with a Light Dress

Match this outfit: Dress, Jacket,

Match this outfit: Dress, Jacket,

2.   Oversized Denim, Hoodie, and Leggings

Match this outfit: Bag, Shoes, Jacket, Hoodie, Black Leggings

3.   Long Denim With T-shirt and Slacks

Match this outfit: Jacket, Slacks

4.   Denim With White and Patterns

Match this outfit: Jacket, Shirt, Pants, Belt, Bag

5.   Denim and a Black Dress

Image Via @FashionJackson

6.   Casual Streetwear

Match this outfit: Shoes, Pants, Shirt, Jacket

7.   Big Sleeves and Boots

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8.   Fuzzy Denim and Jeans

Image Via @Maridfashion

9.   Black, White, and Blue

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10.                All Denim

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11.                Fringe and White

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12.                Jean Jacket with a Midi Skirt

Match this outfit: Jacket, Shoes, Skirt, Shirt

13.                Denim Jacket with White Dress

Image Via @MerrickArt

14.                Simple Shorts and Tee

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15.                Raw Hem Jacket with a Black Top and Pants

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Which one of these jacket outfits appeals to you the most? Do you like your jacket becoming an accessory or taking the front stage on your outfit? Let us know your thoughts!