13 Modest Outfits for The Holiday Season

Last updated: October 30, 2021

The Holidays are just around the corner which means it’s time to see family, friends and even our significant other’s family. Lots to do and lots of places and people too see….Which means, lots of outfits to plan out. With different social gatherings we want to dress for the occasion which means what we wear with our friends can be different from what we wear around our family. Sometimes we just want to keep it modest. You don’t have to be overly modest, unless you want to. If you’re religious then of course you do, which is no problem at all. We even have an article for modest outfits to wear with a hijab.

Outfits for the holidays takes into consideration what type of party you’re going to. A dinner party, a gala, work party, or friends party can all be different occasions with different dress codes and we’re going to take you through each of them.

Dinner Party

For a dinner party with your parents, grandparents and family friends you want to keep it simple and modest. Usually these family dinners like thanksgiving aren’t too extravagant so you can get away with something not super fancy. Especially for this Fall Season you have to keep it consistent with the changing seasons and weather! This means you can go for a simple Fall outfit.

A cute printed floral dress with some booties is simple and modest enough. Or if you want to keep it casual a pair of jeans with a cute blouse is also acceptable in this case. Throw on some cute accessories like your favorite pair of earrings or necklace to complete the look. For Fall and the holidays a monochromatic outfit will also be great to go for. Long flared pants with a cosy sweater is modest and doable.

Fancy Gala

If you’re taking it up a notch and going to a Christmas or New Years Eve gala then you’re going to want to be a little more extravagant with your outfit choices which means you should opt for a dress. Nothing screams Merry Christmas or Happy New Year than a fancy red dress outfit. If red’s not your color than you can also go for a white bodycon dress outfit.

A long formal dress with a black clutch and strappy heels is the most basic Holiday outfit you can wear for a fancy gala. To make it more modest you can add a shawl or go for a long sleeve dress with a long skirt.

Work Christmas Party

When you go for those work Holiday parties, you have to remember you’re still in a professional environment so you have to keep it class and modest. No super short dresses or revealing tops. Keep it simple with a bright jumpsuit and a cute jacket overtop. Add a clutch and some block heel booties for a completed look. For more of a formal event a long dress will do the trick.

If you want to keep it comfortable and chic then go for a pair of long wide leg trousers and a cute blouse! Stick with Holiday theme colors of black, red, blue, navy, purple etc. or go for a cute patterned top!

Friends Party & Going Out

Sometimes when we go out with our friends we like to dress it up but not everyone is comfortable showing a lot of skin. Keep it modest with a long sleeve blouse either grey or black for a chic look, or a long jumpsuit with some heels for a simple look that is easy to put together. If you want to elevate the look adding a belt, or going for a jumpsuit with ruching; something different so that even though you’re dressed modestly, you still stand out!

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