12 Cute Fall Hijab Outfits to Wear for a Modest Style

Last updated: September 18, 2021

Modesty never looked so fashionable. I respect women who wear the hijab and do it with such grace, femininity and style. The fashion and outfits speak for themselves. From the monochromatic looks to the oversized fits, these modest outfits are perfect for anyone – even if you don’t wear the Hijab. If you’re new to the fashion game and wondered, how can I style my outfit with my hijab? Then look no further. These looks will give you the inspiration you need to create some of the most creative and high fashion looks.

I love the muted dark colors and the neutral hijabs because they go with so many different clothing combinations. To keep the look modest you don’t want to wear anything super tight to show your figure. Keep it simple, loose fitting but with chicness and style. You can keep outfits modest and fashionable while expressing your inner style.

If you’re not into really girly style then go for oversized pants/joggers with sweaters while having your hijab drape over you, oh so elegantly. This way you keep your own style intact without compromising anything. We love mom jeans with oversized hoodies/sweats with some sneakers.

Long dresses are also a staple in any modest girl’s wardrobe as well as they cover your shape and look stunning. they are called abayas and totally acceptable in this Religion and perfect for those who keep their look modest. When the weather gets cold like it is this Fall season, it also means you need to pair your hijab to the ever changing seasonal style that is Fall. These long dresses can be dressed up if you’re going for a dinner with your family or a coffee date with your husband. Throw on a cute pair of strappy heels and a cute bag and you’re ready to go!

Finally, these inspirational outfits are also monochromatic meaning that the entire outfit is within the same color scheme. This way you’re not mis matching or looking too out there and everything matches with each other. Remember, these looks are also what’s trending right now which is high fashion looks. So let these inspire you!

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