10 Gorgeous Hair Colors Options For Women 2021

Last updated: April 20, 2021

Ready to change it up? Maybe you’re going through a major life change like a break up, new job, or you’re wanting to go lighter for the summer. Either way, there are some staple hair colors from super dark to platinum that anyone can rock.

  1. 90’s Babies Blonde & Black Streaks – Christina Aguilera inspired, this color and style is making a come back in 2021.

2. Chocolate Balayage – Look sophisticated, mysterious and chic with a bright chocolate color balayage.

3. Mahogany Brown – Add a little more dimension to your hair with this gorgeous color that is flattering on any skin tone.

4. Fire Engine Red – this is perfect for those who like to go bold, definitely not for the shy and low maintenance people.

5. Caramel Brown – The best thing about this color is that it adds dimension to your hair by bringing in different brown tones.

6. Ash Blonde – If you’re already a blonde, take it up a notch and go for an ashy tone. This will look incredibly sexy.

7. Strawberry Blonde – Some hate the yellow tones in blonde hair, but i love it. It gives your hair character and makes it look unique with the different blonde tones.

8. Jet Black – Need I say more?

9. Purple Mahogany – Add a little red and purple together to make the most gorgeous color combination. This is more for a Winter style but you can totally rock it in the summer too.

10. Ultimate Platinum – Only attempt this color if you have healthy hair and can take the bleach. It may be high maintenance but totally worth it. Blonde hair is super sexy.

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